Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Type of Type are You?

After spending the weekend with my sister Erika, and sister-in-law Lenore, (I’ll just refer to them as my Sisters from now on, because that’s who they truly are…) I am noticing something more about the different types and how they show up in the world.

I know that Carol Tuttle is all about the idea of personalization. You make the Type 1, Type 2, whatever type, YOUR type. You make it YOURS. Whenever she would tell of someone being resistant or afraid of being one type or another (“Well, Carol, my mom is a 3 and I don’t want to be a 3 too!) Carol would say, “Well, how about you be YOUR own Type 3?”

This weekend, as we were having a great time creating beautiful jewelry with Lenore’s awe-inspiring collection of beads, stones, and supplies, I saw very clearly that Erika was making her jewelry true to her style, yes…but there was something more. She was making her style reflect the message she wanted to give the world.

Erika is all about nature, nurturing, birds, trees, leaves, the moss on the trees…you get the picture. So as she’s dressing her truth, her Type 2 is coming out with a beautiful environmental expression. Think graceful, connected, blended Mother Nature.

So I’m calling this the Naturalist Type 2.

As for me, I made all my jewelry true to my type as well: bold, clear, still, serene. But there’s also another element that came out that is totally me.

I’m calling my expression: the Magical Type 4

I like the jewelry I wear to be “power jewelry”…stones that have meaning, special vibration, or give me the sense that they are not worn as trifles, but worn with spiritual purpose. Like the ancient priestesses, or the Navajo who wore (and still do wear) large turquoise pieces for protection against negativity. Here's what I made:

The Main stone here is Kyanite, a very powerful stone, and one of my favorites of all time. It is silvery, and is structured in parallel lines. (Fits those Type 4 characteristics for sure.) Stones on the side are lapis lazuli, a gift from Kerry that I refashioned into this!
Here's how it looks on....not the right Type 4 top to go with it, really, but you get the idea! I also made one like this, but with different stones, for a special friend on the Island. She feels a difference when she wears it!---so do I.
For me, it is significance, symbol, and representation of something important that gives a piece its depth…and I like Deep. I also like the feeling that I am “adorned” with my gems, so I want them to be notable and be noticed. When I am adorned this way, I feel wealthy, abundant, and spiritual:

This is a necklace I made for special spiritual occasions and when I want to feel so! When the light hits it, it looks like sunrays going up either side of the piece. Truly magical! I made one for an Island friend too.
This is a prayer bracelet I made. You can't see it, but significant words are engraved in my sister's handwriting on each flat bead. And I love my little dragonfly...

Sparkle is also great, since it reminds me of the special magic that exists everywhere. Anything that sparkles seems to be lit from within, and fueled by some kind of unseen power source. That's a great description of Life, to me.

Finally, I give any jewelry piece extra credit if it can transform in some way--have a reverse side, change color, have a way to change the pendant, wear in 3 different ways, etc.

This piece is hard to see since it has a slight aurora borealis finish, but the stones are light blue in the "back" and dark blue in the front. I can wear it several ways, and am intending to create a pendant (or 3) to hook onto it for extra versatility.

Here's is a nice dramatic bracelet worn one way.....
But Look! You can turn the beads over to the forest green side (either one at a time or in a pattern) and ta-da! New bracelet!
So there you go. A little tweak on the types (yes, that is a very Type 4 thing to do. Take something fabulous and find a way to make it a little more so! We 4’s are reflective AND refining!), but I’m making up that Carol has already thought of such a thing and has simply left a few things for others to discover and create on their own.

So once you've found your type, and even your dominant/secondary type, what is YOUR special expression of your Type? What type of Type are you?


  1. As i was choosing an item yesterday i wanted to explore whether what i choose has the forms and characteristics of my type 3 (Jennifer's personalized one :P )after the fact. Amazingly, it did. I am figuring that my type 3 expresses itself in natural materials-or at least it is my expression. Leather, brass, things that clang in fact. The clanging sound of hardware goes deep into myself and rings inside-i had forgotten those sounds. Sounds that draw me to another place of timelessness. My handbag clangs again. The heavy weight of what i wear (which i have always done-dressing in many layers) ,which i had never noticed, helps me to understand the earthy stride i carry. I am guessing i have a type 1 secondary.

  2. That's so cool. I can just see you in those things, heavy and substantial jewelry is a hallmark of a type 3, or so I'm learning. How inspiring that all this is bringing you back to yourself, which is, as you say, "timeless".

  3. Thank you for posting these pieces Kristelle. Finding 'jewelry' for the types is not as simple as it seems to readers. It takes a lot of thought to have a meaningful piece. I had imagined diamonds and sapphires for type 4. The semi-precious stones when chosen with care also as i see can work nicely, this seems to be your element Kristelle. I am inspired by the work you've done for jewelry. As i start looking into bulky jewlery (my type 3 and not having worn much) I notice the prices..whew....i thought i may need to start making my own. I have lots of semi-precious stones, leather threads, and some beads lying around the house that i may be able to incorporate.

  4. I love how my sister describes me...Naturalist Type 2.
    As an amateur naturalist, artist, and kayaker guide wannabe, I am surely drawn to the outdoors. And I feel the best, when I am wearing clothes that are comfortable, casual, flowy, relaxed, natural fabrics and nature's colors. I am learning from the DYT program about jewelry and colors, clothing and even hair styles. I have tried to change my hair, but always revert back to what I love, which are my natural curls. I love wearing long skirts, flowy tops with long sleeves, and now I wear long necklaces, which look so great on me. The colors are subtle and muted, and wouldn't you know, my closet has all the right stuff already in it. I was already drawn to my true Type 2. It is a blessing to know now, that I don't have to change anything, I can stick with what I love best, and add the long flowy look with confidence! I will take some pics and post soon. :)

  5. It's really interesting that for us here, our loved ones nearby seem to have been viewing us in our dominant type already---guess i could've asked them first...


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