Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dyeing to Give New Life (To Your Clothes)

Hey everyone! 

Jennifer wanted to talk about what she's done to dye her clothes in her new rich and dynamic Type 3 colors, so I wanted to give her a way to do that...See the comment below that is forthcoming for info on that. I know Cathy is also super at dyeing things--I'm a complete novice. The last thing I dyed was a load of laundry all pink....unintentionally of course!! So tell me, tell me!


  1. thanks Kristelle for making this entry. I found the Wilson's food color to be great for dying my wool. I had a bit of experience with yarn and 2 weeks ago I had the sudden urge, in the middle of cooking supper, to put my very greyish-tan Irish knit cardigan that i was wearing (weighs nearly a kilo= about 2 lbs) into a pot of near boiling water with some food coloring and to cook it to boiling (about 30 mins) add some vinegar and to cool. So I did it and it came out beautifully! I dyed it rust/copper. I figured i'd start doing some more clothes for the cottons and mixed texiles so i went out the following day and bought some Dylon dyes (like RIT) for the washing machine-after using a couple times i get mixed results. Sometimes it dyes well full cover and sometimes really blotchy. So i wanted to know if anyone else could share their experience with machine chemical dyes. I am also into learning to do natural dyes with items from nature but that will need to wait till spring-although i have heard that it can be ustable too. Thus, till now the food coloring works best. I tried to spray paint-got really excited to try after seeing Michelle do it on DYT ressource page. Worked okay on wool---sprayed an old Gucchi wool blazer jacket i had lying around (picked up at thrift shop for 5$)and it came out okay-did purple and some copper spray paint...but it seems a bit too mat for me. I tried to do my nylon goose- down ski coat...yikes! Total catastrophe! All blotchy and the paint got all over the dryer (i washed and dryed 78 hrs after). didn't cover well and rteally sticky!!. That was a waste of a can and not cheap. Hmmnnn....I may use the spray paint for wool or synthetics that are not too large. I didn't try to do second coat of paint because it wasn't working and I didn't want the expense nor mess. I think i'll stick to dyeing. Spray painting the jewlery too was a bit off--mat..too mat, not enough depth. After all this leisure dyeing and spraying activity i conclude that it is far better to just try to find the right 'color' clothing at the store (along with the other elements like texture, design, etc...) :p or to dye clothes only if you love the item and it's not in your chroma. Carol does state that too in her resources. I usually need to test always and learn for myself :p

  2. It's at times like this that i think i may have a secondary 4 .... ;)

  3. Wow, that is amazing Jennifer! Such courage! I applaud you. I'm intrigued now...hey, is that a new photo in your new Type 3-ness???

    1. yes, you noticed!...a slight haircut and new color---had some highlights put in and hair cut in a slight angle from back to front (followed the advice of Nicole/Emily who sent a professional opinion (thanks for the suggestion on that too). Put on some colors and textures,'s coming along (getting all my leopard prints out of closet now to wear....... lol :D

    2. p.s no gray in sight! (except the weather :p )


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