Thursday, January 17, 2013

Posting from Kristelle's TYPE 2 Sister, Erica

OK, so my sister has a new hair style, jewelry that looks amazing, clothing that is fabulous, and I now see her in a new light, literally, its bright, folks! She glows! I have never seen her so alive before.
She told me about this program, and at first glance, I was interested. After reading through the types, I was so "2" that the other types were not even close. Maybe the 4 a bit, so that is my secondary.

Right away, I went to my closet to see how I have been dressing...and to my amazement, they were 95% gray toned. Wow. I was already drawn to my natural self. My hair, curly, flowy, as you can see.... All I had to do was to add a few more pieces of jewelry that were longer in length and some cozy scarves, and BAM, I was feeling right with the land. I was so close to it already, but the final touches really made a difference.

Knowing that it was ok to wear long flowy clothes, longer necklaces, the muted colors, the S-curved edging, long skirts with earthy colors...well, it made me feel authentic, to be happy in my own skin, and now I had proof. I wasn't TRYING to be artsy or hippyish, I wanted to be comfortable, flowy, natural, curvy, relaxed. I love this pic below. Its not me, but I want it to be, hehe. The colors, the long necklaces, everything about it. I found this on a pinterest page.

I will post more pics of my own choices soon.

I want to thank my sister, for being such a strong woman,  my guide in life, someone I can call from a ferry line when I am feeling stressed about something. I am so proud of her, and how she helps so many of us, as we navigate through this life. It's so much better with her in it.

Love you, Sis!


  1. Thank you Erica for that entry. I love how you were inspired to try something that came to you through your sister even though you were pretty much right on and how you are inspired to explore the world of your type 2.

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  3. erica i have deleted my comment because now one month more into DYT and i am understanding about why the jewelery picture was up on pinterest. The lace and flow...layered look which is problalby great for a type 2/secondary 3. :) (to think i have had that in the back of my mind for a while... )


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