Saturday, February 23, 2013

Evolution in the DYT world.... by Jennifer D. (TYPE 3)

Well ladies...i imagine everyone is busy revamping their wardrobe and trying out new outfits and designs......creativity at its best!  :)  Just thought i'd share my past few weeks.  I have been quite involved in my DYT type 3 fb page-posting daily comments and once in a while an OOTD (outfit of the day--new acronymn for me) photo.   A few people on my type 3 site are having some issues with the intensity of the rich dynamic colors...and are eagerly awaiting Spring for wearing their type 3 lighter shades.  For me peronally i wear all shades, both light and dark, all seasons....which i love about DYT---one can put whatever designs and colors they want together as it all works.  I also am a woman who loves layers so my type 3 look is perfect for this!  I am still trying to figure out my secondary energy (although here it is looking like a secondary 4 )...was leaning towards 4, sometimes it's a 1....hmnnn....i think i will need more experiementation with this and it will reveal itself to me.  Figured out how to use  fabric paint pens and have been coloring my zippers and filling in white when i find it on a shirt.  Lol...late at night you can find me coloring in my shirts in my closet-not a very romantic evening but full of creativity! So the ball continues to roll always in my court....and you all....what have you been discovering with your type and its look?????????  cu here on blog!  :D   


  1. Kristelle here: That last entry was done by Jennifer Doat in Belgium, just so you all know! Everyone who is contributing, I love your entries, but DO sign them so we all know who is who, or add a photo to go along with them, ok?

    1. oh my goodness---sorry Kristelle---totally didn't know how to do that!!! Learning everyday and everyway...


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