Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Insight Out

I'm so thrilled that several more are joining our merry band, as we chart the unknown waters of ourselves with this simple tool of Dressing Your Truth. Thanks for joining us here!

Of course there are other tools, other methods, and other experiences that can help reveal ourselves to ourselves, but this is a really fun one! And it gives me permission to play with pretty things that give me an immediate sense of feedback...it's either a hit of "yuck, that doesn't work" or "man, that DOES look good" (or in some cases...OMG raspberry pink with black stripes DOES brighten my face and make me look a foot taller--are you serious?).

I am serious. Erika and I were walking through Siren Boutique, a delightful women's fashion store on Orcas, and it seemed to be a place devoted mostly to Type 2's (Soft, Subtle to use the Dressing Your Truth terms) with a healthy dose of Type 3 (Rich, Dynamic). Exploring her Type 2-ness, Erika found so many things with those wonderful flowing lines.

On the rack, I noticed a long-sleeve T in a color/design combination that I normally avoid like the plague: horizontal stripes.

Yep....I saw it, thought OMG that's just too much and pulled it up to my face and said, "Erika, this is supposed to be good for a Type 4, but it isn't, is it?" She looked and me and went "Wow, that is so amazing for you! It just lights up your face!"

Wha?????? No!!!!!!!! It can't be!

Thinking my sister must have been low on blood-sugar or something, I stepped tentatively to the mirror. Boom...there it was. My eyes were defined, my skin tone was even, my hair looked like it had just come out of the salon, and THERE I WAS.

I was visible on the horizon. Seen amongst the soft gray shapes of everything else around me, it was a bit of a shock, and a great blow to my keen fashion sense which had heretofore consisted of anything that would help me blend in.

Well, except for my penchant for sparkles.

Hmmmmm....sparkles....those who know me, know about me and sparkles.  I've always been drawn to those tiny points of light that dazzle, and which seem to have their own power source. (As a toddler, my sister called them "Pockles", and she always said it with breathless delight. It charmed me then, and the memory of it still does to this day.)

Perhaps that whole obsession was my true energetic nature trying to get out. Covered up in clothes that helped me "play small", my true type 4 could come out in only one way: sparkly jewelry and plenty of it. What an insight!

My next step is to now live "insight out".

I'm learning that when I dress in the bold, clear colors and structured lines that help me truly communicate who I am, I don't need the sparkles as much. My jewelry is simple, bold, big, shiny and still. Yes, sparkles still work for me. (They embody that shiny, reflective, calm image of a still lake or a frozen pond or a dark starry night.) But I'm not putting so much pressure on them to carry my true nature. I am revealing more of my self not only to me, but to strangers on the street. I met a lot of new people on Orcas while visiting. And probably more of them met the real me in the first 30 seconds than has ever happened before.

Erika had a few moments of "wow" this weekend as she saw me play with these different elements of line, color and texture. (I'll tell you more about our jewelry-making extravaganza later!) And whenever she did, I had to breathe it in: "Yes, this is really me."

It's not easy to live insight out. I'm still scared sometimes, wondering if I've really gone over the edge. But I haven't fallen yet, or skinned my knees or anything. So I'll continue on...boldly going where I haven't gone before (even if it means raspberry pink with dark black stripes).


  1. Living inside out....what a wonderful expression. Today i actually ventured into a clothes shop that has everything for everybody. Personally i do most of my clothes shopping in the charity, recycling stores, but today i was curious to see what the world is offering up here in Belgium. It was great! (glad my birthday is coming up ;) )well, straight off went looking at the boots (main piece for me) saw a pair that were that 'filthy, used, rich color, textured leather ones lined with pure sheep wool---they looked perfect-i felt perfect...well, there goes the money (lol)-bought 'em. Then, saw some great rich type 3 colors-think native indian! Picked up some shirts and pants that were simple and with some color (and on sale :) )---i was grinning the whole way through just thinking what my family is going to say-they are so used to me in black and brown...Also had to accessorize, got myself a great necklace and handbag and cool hat. When i looked at myself all decked out (for me, others would think student-like) i felt like i had found myself again----yup! There i was...and not just my face, my whole self appeared. it was like an out-of-body experience that lifted me out of a time warp and no time was there anymore. I wore my spirit-this is one of the most unique experiences i have had. I am going to need to let this sink in. Did hair consultation on-line and should be getting my results next week. Then after my cut, i redo my ears---i had let my holes close now 24 yrs. Time to get that kicking---what made me see that this would be a good idea is that i held a piece of brassy gold earrings next to my face and it shined--my face shined! I hadn't seen that in soooooo long. My daughter is going to freak out (for the good)! (lol)
    Oh and also checked out what types of dyes are on the market cause i'll be doing some dyeing projects with some of my clothes---do any of you know how i can dye black out? I am thinking bleach to lighten it to gray , then putting on a color and it'll come out in deep rich tone of that color.

    1. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! Jennifer I'm just blown away by all the insights and energy you've found!!!! Who knew, right????

      I love what you said "I wore my spirit". That is SO powerful. I want pictures too!

      (I think Cathy knows the most about dyeing...she is a quilter and has made her own fabric designs.)

      Wow....congratulations girl. What a breakthrough...was it worth the few days spent in agony over trying to figure it out??? ;)

  2. So, did you buy the shirt? We need pictures! Even if you just tried it on! And...jewelry pictures!

    I spent the day culling my closet. I got 2 big garbage bags of perfectly nice clothes that do not fit my energy profile (Type 1). Now, I'll pass them along to the consignment store and start building my new fresh, buoyant, fun wardrobe!

    1. Oh, that's a great idea...pictures of everything. I should have taken a photo, because no, I didn't get the shirt. (Although I could have expanded my comfort zone to wear it, I could figure out a way to expand my budget to afford it! How can a long-sleeved T be over $50????)

      Anyway, I will provide photos of the jewelry I made, and encourage my sister (Erika are you listening????) to show photos of hers too. They are SO lovely!

      And it's a great idea for everyone....photos please!!!

  3. ....hi Cathy...too bad we don't all live near each other cause we could clothes swap! I've got some type 1 clothes now ready to go...and some type 4 .... :)

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  5. well, turned out to be a busy day. Got the food gels out and dyed my light tan wool sweater into a rich copper tone. Worked great! Easy to do. :)When it dries can do a before and after.

    1. Oh, I'd love to see that. Since I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, it would be great to see it.

      Have you seen the "refurbish your wardrobe" segments on the Member Center? I think there are at least 2 of them all about how to adjust/tailor/improve clothes for each type.

      Good for you for being so creative and making those changes!

      I've heard Carol say that we can all wear every color, but that it is the chroma of the color that makes the difference. (And that some types have a substitute for black, not black itself....like Type 2 black is charcoal gray, and Type 3 black is dark brown? I think I got that right.)

  6. yes I have seen those segments (one of the first things i did when i discovered my type---as i love to color clothes and all...). Yes you did understand that correctly-i'm going to try doing my blacks into rich green hues but also browns and purples are great. Yeah, my lovely black suit i'll put in aubergine color-i'll need to see how much food gel i have. I have used kool-aid to dye my wools that were light, but darker ones i'll be able to use either food gels or go to the chemical dyes. With the food coloring the effect is softer and has movement and gives a bit of texture to a garment which i think is nice.


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