Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recipes True to Type

In my last post, I described going out to celebrate the blessing of the Mother in her first snow.

So speaking of blessings, and other flawless things, I have named the recipe I use for Scotch Shortbread: My Perfect Shortbread. And I want to share it here with you. So easy, and it consistently gets melt-in-your-mouth results:

1/2 lb. (2 sticks) butter
1/2 c. sugar
2 c. unbleached flour
1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. (You'll be baking in a 9" square metal baking pan for 40 minutes. If you have a round shortbread pan just for this purpose, good on ya, that's more traditional. I never have!)

Cream butter with the sugar thoroughly. Mix flour and salt together, then add to the butter mixture, and blend until all the flour disappears and the texture is still a bit crumbly. Pour it out in your square pan and pat to an even depth. Prick all over the top with a fork (I like to make designs). Bake 40 minutes. It should be a light golden brown at the edges, with them just starting to pull away from the pan, and the center should be slightly lighter and a golden butter color.

Final result: YUMMMM!
Can't help but show you the nice clean lines of perfection!

Let it cool before cutting, but cut while it is still warm on the bottom. That should make it cut cleanly. 

Eat it just as it is for Christmas (In our house, it never makes it to a plate), add fruit alongside it for spring, add raspberry jam for summer. (I assume one could melt chocolate or spread Nutella over it, but it's so rich, I think I'd pass out from that.)

Enjoy this PERFECT dessert! It is simple, classic, no fuss, and doesn't need a whole lot of ornamentation for any time of year. However, fair is totally addictive. Watch for yourself finding excuses to go back into the kitchen and sneak "just need one more piece".

Now, do YOU have a dessert or other recipe that suits your type??? Please share!


  1. I haven't had a chance to try this but I will and soon. Shortbread are/is my husbands favorite cookies!! Thanks Kristelle! :D

  2. yes...carrot cake and chestnut pie. Substantial throw it all together kind of desserts. Lol..just my style. Lots of nuts and raisins and spices-of which i loooove. With one or two pieces of those desserts who needs a meal-now that's certainly a give away for type 3.

  3. Jennifer, that is just perfect! I can SO see those desserts as Type 3!!! Rich and earthy and filling!

    And thanks for trying this Kay...I'd love to hear what he thinks of these? I haven't done them as cookies, but just roll them to 1/4 inch and get out the cookie cutter. Have fun!

  4. Okay we have a Type 4 dessert and now a Type 3. What's a Type 1 dessert (Cathy and Nancy?) What characteristics would it have?

    And a Type 2 (Erika)?

    1. Type 2 Dessert...chocolate mousse. Blended, delicate, dreamy, elegant, exquisite, flowing, heavenly, lavish, luscious, luxurious, neat, pleasing, refined, romantic, silky, simple, soft, soothing, sumptuous, sweet. I love mousse and I only need a little to feel super special. (The first thing I thought about was pudding, but mousse was a more dreamy match!)

  5. i am wondering if the type 1 even follows a recipe...????

    1. LOL! I hadn't thought of that one! :) I was thinking light and sunny? Lemon meringue???

  6. guess we are going to do some hypothesizing till the others get in--i love to do i think the meringue (not an easy word to spell, let alone make) is a great, something tart/sweet...i think my 14 yr old son is type 1 and he loves making cookies from scratch and they always come out great----favorite recipe??? meringues! :)


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