Tuesday, July 16, 2013

tEsting this post

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted!  I guess I'd better get busy~

So today's tip is a quick one - don't FAKE it! Instead of pretending you're interested in something in order to make new contacts, why not interact with people who share the same interest?  I guarantee, the engagement will be a lot more authentic!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clothes are not ready to wear, but ready to fashion! (by Jennifer D.)

Hi everyone....Spring has arrived and with it all sorts of new inspirations on how to bring old clothes back to life!  Yes, as someone once said 'ready to wear' really means 'ready to fashion'.  As a type 3 I have come to understand how a simple refashion, say a stitch or two, could make all the difference in the world from making a crew neck t-shirt into  a v-neck line t-shirt---these are simple tricks of the trade of which i had very little experience.  Not only have i employed that tip  but also I have been busy  refashioning with my handy-dandy  acrylic textile paint markers---my new best friends!  As you all know i'm sure, type 3 metallic colors are bronze, copper, brass and gold---so those are the colors i bought .   Well, got to thinking that when i see a good deal on a blouse that has a great swift pattern on it (type 3 movement), but of which is in black, for ex. (the pattern) I could buy it and then redo it.    In picture here  is one of those just sort of blouses (a stretchy long sleeve t-shirt)---it is a tie-dye looking coppery-brown stretchy mid sleeve shirt with swirly, paisley motif in a sort of elevated plastic 3-D motif moving all over shirt-sort of like studs -- the motif was in black.  So, I decided to have a go at coloring the black into golden/copper with my pens....so here's my work....
I must say that all sorts of creative expression has surfaced since doing the energy profiling.  I feel timeless, limitless, and overall well being with the whole thing.  I am happy to share this.
How about the rest of you all---are you doing any refashioning?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kristelle: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Okay, I have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green voluntarily, but today I did. (This is actually a photo I took last week or so, when I first got a True to Type 4 green T-shirt from the DYT store, but I wore it again today.)

I jazzed it up today with Myra's silver necklace (you locals remember that gorgeous silver cuff-like band she gave me) and silver earrings. I felt wonderful and powerful in it. It also, again, turned my eyes green, so that's an interesting phenomenon!

In her last message Jennifer mentioned the challenge in choosing colors that are true-to-type, and I mentioned in my comment that thing about matching the vibration versus matching the color. You'll have to imagine that green in the photo being more of a "dazzling" green than it shows up to be. It is not greyed out, (as in a 2) or a light white type (as in a 1) or the deep earthy green of a 3. (Siobhan had showed her type 1 green on Facebook, so if she doesn't post here, I'll post it myself to show you her type.)

Next up....I'll take a photo of the Bold Pink nail color I chose. Turns out it EXACTLY matches the True Pink T I got from the DYT store, not only in the color, but in the vibration! In fact my hands nails seem to disappear into the shirt, it's such a match!

I'll post that soon...in the meantime, I've sent several of you invitations to be guest authors yourselves in this blog, so feel free to post here to...just remember to put your name in the title of your post so that we know that it's not me posting!

2 months into DYT and expanding everyday by Jennifer D..(Type 3)

So it's been around 10 weeks now since 'dressing my truth' entered my arena.  I am realizing that this is going to be a long haul.  Every time that i think I have a handle on something, new issues arise.  My inner circle of friends have definitely noticed my change in appearance-for the good <grin>.  Presently, I am trying to get more type 3 blue into my wardrobe---there seems to be lots of confusion over blue as it can be cool or warm color...and for me, who is not a color theory expert, means really hard to distinguish.  The color card has been helpful although with the blues and greens (of which i find difficult too) i need more guidance.  I think that not seeing the clothes and colors with my own eyes at the store in Utah has been a handicap for me.  My computer monitor seems to be greying and darkening most colors that i view either on facebook or the videos that Carol puts out.  I learned that fresh the other day when my DYT 'Made for Me' type 3 dress arrived in the mail from the states---i was pleasantly suprised- it was waaay more lovely in person.  The lace was relief  popping up to give it a really textured look  and the colors soooo much more vibrant than i had imagined. It made me start to doubt my choice of color clothing i was making on my own.  It gave me a new dimension to my thinking and thus the title of this blog I used expanding. I am finding that swift movement prints are great on me and are trying to add those to wardrobe.  So, for the time being I expand into this new dimension.
Here is a picture of our lighter green (blouse) and red wine color maxi skirt/pant (assymetric cut- one leg pant, one leg skirt---really easy to walk in!)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Numbers are growing!...Kristelle

Hi everyone: Just a post so that everyone knows who is subscribed to the posts....that last entry was done by Jennifer Doat in Belgium! (No, I haven't changed into a Type 3, I'm still very much a Type 4!)

So when you want to contribute a post, please let everyone know who you are...maybe in the title? That would make it easy; or at the very least at the very beginning of your post. I did want to open this up to every member of our merry band, so that everyone can talk about what is working for them in their own journey of DYT.

Here's another photo...on the Type 4 FB forum, we're comparing hands, to see the differences and similarities of a Type 4 hand. It's fascinating...you can really see some of the secondary type come out in someone's hands! I think I'm a pretty clear type 4 though, and I don't know enough about a Type 2's hands to tell, but I know I don't have 1 or 3 qualities here for sure. (I must look up that Type 2 definition and see if it fits as my secondary, because that's what I think I am.)

Anyway.....take a look and share your own if you want.

And I just found an awesome red blouse that I'll get a photo of myself in....wow, the wonder of color!

I will also post some of me with different lipsticks....I seem to turn berry colors into red, so that's the way I've found my perfect red (by starting with a berry!).

WELCOME to all the recent new friends who have "found themselves" with this program. I can't wait to hear more from you!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Evolution in the DYT world.... by Jennifer D. (TYPE 3)

Well ladies...i imagine everyone is busy revamping their wardrobe and trying out new outfits and designs......creativity at its best!  :)  Just thought i'd share my past few weeks.  I have been quite involved in my DYT type 3 fb page-posting daily comments and once in a while an OOTD (outfit of the day--new acronymn for me) photo.   A few people on my type 3 site are having some issues with the intensity of the rich dynamic colors...and are eagerly awaiting Spring for wearing their type 3 lighter shades.  For me peronally i wear all shades, both light and dark, all seasons....which i love about DYT---one can put whatever designs and colors they want together as it all works.  I also am a woman who loves layers so my type 3 look is perfect for this!  I am still trying to figure out my secondary energy (although here it is looking like a secondary 4 )...was leaning towards 4, sometimes it's a 1....hmnnn....i think i will need more experiementation with this and it will reveal itself to me.  Figured out how to use  fabric paint pens and have been coloring my zippers and filling in white when i find it on a shirt.  Lol...late at night you can find me coloring in my shirts in my closet-not a very romantic evening but full of creativity! So the ball continues to roll always in my court....and you all....what have you been discovering with your type and its look?????????  cu here on blog!  :D   

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Consignment stores = Heaven

Here's a new blog entry about my newfound delight in shopping for clothes!

Most women, so I've heard, tend to have a hard time in the stores. It's hard to come up against a fit being wrong, a color being "well, kinda....", and on and on. We judge ourselves so harshly, and usually against another woman's perfect body or coloring or fitness, and sometimes against "what's in style" according to some designers somewhere. (I never really did that much, though. I was always about 2 years behind!)

Now with knowing my Type 4 line, textures, movement, fit, etc., it makes shopping SO much easier. I feel so much more focused, so much more aligned with what would look good on me.

Today I went to one of my favorite consignment shops here to drop off two stuffed bags of things that weren't for me anymore. I spent two hours in this very large store and covered every inch of the clothing section! Even shoes. And tried on about 8 items too. 

It helped that I was dressed according to type today: white blouse with a silver sparkle sweater, and a small black scarf tied like an ascot (kinda), black jeans, black boots, and black leather jacket (a real find at Salvation Army last year for $20!). 

I walked out with:
  1. a perfect colorblock top (top color: a vibrant royal purple, bottom: black) and 
  2. a lovely deep blue cardigan with no buttons and vertical lines in the knit (very 2-like at the bottom, with its flow-y hemline, so that works for my secondary 2) and
  3. a pair of black oval dangle earrings, and
  4. a black necklace that looks like an old-time cameo (but isn't...it just sparkles black...but you get the idea of the shape)
Here's a photo, but the lighting isn't very good....sorry, it looks very "ruddy" here, but I'm much more pale than that in real life!

Total cost: $16. But wait....having dropped off some things before this visit, I actually had the exact amount of credit I needed to walk out without paying a thing. (I highly recommend this experience--it is heavenly!!!!!) 

What a transformation in my shopping experience. I can't wait to see how much credit I'll have the next time I go...and who knows what treasures will await me then!