Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kristelle: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Okay, I have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing green voluntarily, but today I did. (This is actually a photo I took last week or so, when I first got a True to Type 4 green T-shirt from the DYT store, but I wore it again today.)

I jazzed it up today with Myra's silver necklace (you locals remember that gorgeous silver cuff-like band she gave me) and silver earrings. I felt wonderful and powerful in it. It also, again, turned my eyes green, so that's an interesting phenomenon!

In her last message Jennifer mentioned the challenge in choosing colors that are true-to-type, and I mentioned in my comment that thing about matching the vibration versus matching the color. You'll have to imagine that green in the photo being more of a "dazzling" green than it shows up to be. It is not greyed out, (as in a 2) or a light white type (as in a 1) or the deep earthy green of a 3. (Siobhan had showed her type 1 green on Facebook, so if she doesn't post here, I'll post it myself to show you her type.)

Next up....I'll take a photo of the Bold Pink nail color I chose. Turns out it EXACTLY matches the True Pink T I got from the DYT store, not only in the color, but in the vibration! In fact my hands nails seem to disappear into the shirt, it's such a match!

I'll post that the meantime, I've sent several of you invitations to be guest authors yourselves in this blog, so feel free to post here to...just remember to put your name in the title of your post so that we know that it's not me posting!


  1. The affirmations that your color choices are right on makes one feel like a master! :)

  2. I had fun (T1) with St. Pat's day. I wore bright lime green pants, white mock turtle and pale pink jacket. I had a brillant green and gold necklace, earrings and sparkly green bracelet. I felt light, bright and festive and got quite a few compliments at CSL. Some people thought I was celebrating spring (that works too) but really I was celebrating my 1-ness!

    1. ...yes, you were in the know! :)

    2. what is it like for you Nancy, coming into your type 1 energy? I have wondered how it must be seeing that type 1 energies have very dazzling clothing and energy filled aurora in their clothing choices---I think my mother may be either a 2/1 or 1/2 and i don't know how to help her come to embrace it.

  3. Nice one Nancy...I'd love to see a photo! I bet you were a lovely representation of Springtime!


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