Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 months into DYT and expanding everyday by Jennifer D..(Type 3)

So it's been around 10 weeks now since 'dressing my truth' entered my arena.  I am realizing that this is going to be a long haul.  Every time that i think I have a handle on something, new issues arise.  My inner circle of friends have definitely noticed my change in appearance-for the good <grin>.  Presently, I am trying to get more type 3 blue into my wardrobe---there seems to be lots of confusion over blue as it can be cool or warm color...and for me, who is not a color theory expert, means really hard to distinguish.  The color card has been helpful although with the blues and greens (of which i find difficult too) i need more guidance.  I think that not seeing the clothes and colors with my own eyes at the store in Utah has been a handicap for me.  My computer monitor seems to be greying and darkening most colors that i view either on facebook or the videos that Carol puts out.  I learned that fresh the other day when my DYT 'Made for Me' type 3 dress arrived in the mail from the states---i was pleasantly suprised- it was waaay more lovely in person.  The lace was relief  popping up to give it a really textured look  and the colors soooo much more vibrant than i had imagined. It made me start to doubt my choice of color clothing i was making on my own.  It gave me a new dimension to my thinking and thus the title of this blog I used expanding. I am finding that swift movement prints are great on me and are trying to add those to wardrobe.  So, for the time being I expand into this new dimension.
Here is a picture of our lighter green (blouse) and red wine color maxi skirt/pant (assymetric cut- one leg pant, one leg skirt---really easy to walk in!)


  1. Yay, Jennifer! Thanks for the photo. I know we have quite a few Type 3's in our little group now, so I'm eager to hear what they might have to say about their 3-ness as well. I'll post my own entry here too, but again, I so appreciate your sharing your journey.

    As far as the colors go, I know I keep repeating to myself: it's not the color, it's the vibration. So it's finding those things that align with the vibration of the colors in our palette. For Type 4's that's easy, I think: look for those colors that "jump out" at me. They tend to have a more "vibratory" element to me they are at a higher pitch or something. (All the other colors seem to be "softer" and thus "lower" in pitch or "quieter" somehow....I know the vocabulary is uniquely my own, and I think only I know what I'm talking about, but there you go...)

    Thanks again for your post, and inspiring me to talk about the latest for me: Bold Type 4 nail color!

  2. Thank you Kristell for explaining your methods for working with the card....many talk about the vibration that it instills...I like the way you spoke about 'jumping out' at you I can relate to that. I am getting the feeling that i need to trust in my color choices. I think I could relate to the jumping out, as for me, an excitement to put that color on in a way. I sometimes sit and watch the videos with Carol and Ann and when they put their card up to it and say 'see how it vibrates' I laugh to
    myself thinking 'no i don't'..that's when I start to doubt. So i am going to try to open up to my senses more and less on card issues.
    Come on other type 3's waiting for you guys!!!!

    1. and where's Erica? I'd like to hear some type 2 story as I think my daughter may be that and also my husband...


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