Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcoming the New

It truly is a new era, and with the first snow of the year at our house being on Christmas Day, it seemed only fitting that I go out and greet the blessing of Mother Nature this way. 

As a new Type 4, I have never been so "bold" as this before, so the red is a novelty for me. I did, however take a deep breath and order a deep red lipstick for my birthday, so watch for that coming soon!

I also promised to show you my new hair color, and cut, as advised by Nicole, the Living Your Truth stylist featured as a Type 4 in so many videos. First of all, I must apologize for the weird lighting colorations in these photos. My Blackberry doesn't function that well as a camera, it turns out!

So for what it's you go ...before and after...

Me dressing as a Type 2 (my secondary energy type). This is what happens when I do not blow dry my hair.

Me dressing more Type 4, but just before getting my hair done.
Me as a Type 4. Okay, I know this is tinged a bit green for some reason, but my hair is truly lighter and cut straighter along the edges. This is not straightened, just round-brushed while drying.
Hair is re-done here, but I'm in a Power jacket.
It's the boldest, clearest item in my closet!
Type 4 with new hair and glasses

Type 4 almost finished for Christmas Day, hair pulled up. I just loved wearing the ruby red--I borrowed it from the poinsettia we'd be given, hoping it wouldn't mind!

Okay....more to come, I'm sure, over time, but you can see that I'm trying it out. And energetically, I really love the difference I'm feeling. I still have lots of Type 2 things, especially jewelry that just soften my look too much, but I have a sister to give those things too! And there's always eBay...

Comments, Questions? Any photos YOU want to share???


  1. Yes! I love your new hair color. What a difference. I see you embracing your 4-ness more and more. Isn't it fun?

    1. Wow...yes..yes...the bluejacket photo is very powerful, stunning :)It reflects a sort of weight and confidence that comes through. Really amazing. All of the shots show that in fact. And yes the Type 2 is not showing that intensity. The two shots in black give me the message 'don't mess with me-i know what i am doing' and the added necklace says 'but i'm ok and part of earthy nature too'and it lessens the intimidation..that would make a great outfit for the Shaklee sale. With the white over the black i feel more relaxed still shows your strength and message of 'i know where i am going' idea. Christmas shot is could even put more red!!! And the blue jacket photo is the totally in your skin. :)

    2. oh forgot about the hair---really nice.

    3. Yes, Cathy it IS fun! And thanks Jennifer, I love your observations about each photo. I hadn't thought about them in quite those terms, but those were really helpful. I haven't gotten every single aspect true to Type 4 yet, but I'm getting there. I still don't have the colors that are that clear and saturated, as Carol says.

      But I did go shopping at the Dressing Your Truth store and got a blue blouse, and a lovely silver necklace...all chains bunched together and short around the that will help. I'll model them here when they arrive. (Cathy I want to see a photo of you in your new jewelry too!)

      Jennifer, tell us about how your hair consultation went with Nicole too! Were you surprised with anything she said, or how your changes looked once you did them?


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