Thursday, January 17, 2013

Change and Learning: Hair and Colors

Most of you know that I have a new haircut now. Yep, it is the shortest I have ever had it, and I just love it. 

At first I was resisting the thought of cutting it, thinking, "gosh all these type 4's have straight short hair, it seems...I don't want to be just one of the crowd..." (which is a totally type 4 thing to think, just saying). But then it just HAD to go. One day I just woke up and said, that's it, it's time.

May be that I had just been seeing all these fabulous type 4 women on the Facebook group devoted to just to us. (Did you know that there is one just for YOUR type too? It is so cool to check it out and feel "at home" there!) But for whatever the reason, I did it, and I love, love, love the results. 

Now I know how much time I actually spent fussing about my was never right. Now I get it right in the morning and it is right all day. Ahhhhhhhhh....... Look at the difference Before and After:

 My head feels heavy just LOOKING at the before picture. How did I hold my head up under all that???

What do you think?

The next topic I want to talk about is color, hue, and chroma. I won't pretend to say that I know what their definition is, but I'm starting to be able to see the differences, and which one belongs to what type.

Here's a great definition/explanation put on our type 4 Facebook group page:

Tint is T1, which means white has been added to a hue (pure color). This can be tricky because some tints are just *barely* tints, meaning on a small fraction of white dye was added. It is those really bright, borderline tints that a lot of T1/4 friends love most, because it matches their personal energy/vibration the best.

Tone is T2, which means grey has been added to a hue (pure color). This, again, can be tricky because some tones are just *barely* tones, meaning the manufacturer may only have added just a minute amount of grey to the dye. Even a small percentage of grey added to the dye will make it a tone, and therefore a T2.

Shade is T3, which means black has been added to a hue (pure color). This results in a rich, "dirty" look. Again, this is tricky when only s small part of black has been added.
 >>Heather M.: I would say adding 'brown' to a chroma will also result in a T3 hue.<< 
>>Tip: roll the fabric over your finger. Does the surface appear dusty/dirty/faded or dull? If yes, it's not a T4, but likely a T2 or T3.

Chroma/Pure What makes T4 colors T4 is that nothing has been added to the dye to change it to something else. Now, if you want to get into types of color, that's another story; do a Google search for that. Neons or Florescents are an entirely different category of color, and within that spectrum, Renee *believes* there are also options for T1s, T2s, and T3s; she's seen Carol wear a T3 green that looked neon on her, but when compared it to a T4 neon green it looked dirty.

How are you doing with your seeing YOUR colors now? I know some of you have just begun, but share whatever you like about your journey. 

Personally, I'm not drawn to wearing stripes or bolder colors....yet. However, there is a clear bright pink T and a black hoodie coming to me soon, so I'll post what that looks like when I get it. Oh, and a pink and black scarf....oh, my. (I think orange is still years away on the horizon...or yellow...but my type 4 friends say it is all about the KIND of orange and yellow, so I'm keeping my mind open. Next I might try green...hmmmm....)

Would love to hear from you all...



  1. Hey Sister! I just love your new hair, its like having a brand new Sis! I liked the old one, but wowee, the new one is so hip and alive! I know we talked about my hair, and that it should be just how it is, although I want a change, I guess its always been my truth to have it all curly :)

  2. Thank you for the reminder of those basics Kristelle. It always helps to solidfy the color groups which is sometimes one of the tricky aspects of DYT-seeing that we get the club nights and all through on-line screen so colors are not at their best. I love the picture of you on your balcony---you seem in your element there. I am so suprised at the fact that people can be so different with color choices as I think you would look so great in orange and yellow, etc...i would think you wore it all the time, it's hard for me to imagine you don't. I understand not wearing the pink to much, which you are choosing to go for first---i think it's going to be great!

    Lol...i also have noticed after joining the type 3 fb page---we all have similar tastes now! Now i understand about personal style and how important our secondary plays a role in our choices. For example i am a 3/1 and i like lots of movement and i can wear patterned pants and feel good and even i could pattern a jacket on top...i heard Carol once say that only a 3/1 could get away with that. :)

    Erica: What kind of change would you like to see?


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