Friday, December 7, 2012

Revealing Myself all Over the Place

So I was talking with my Coach, Nancy Southern, the other day, and I was describing an issue I was struggling with. I heard myself say, "But this is where I stand on that...."

Nancy said, "Of course it is...and by the way, that's a very Type 4 thing to say."


Then, talking about writing my blog (and it wasn't coming so easily that day), I heard myself say, "I will not let it go out if the quality isn't high enough for my standards."

I heard it that time. Nancy only had to say, "There's another one...."

Yep, I'm "talking the Type"(...hey, maybe that will soon be as popular as "walking the Walk", what do you think?)

I am revealing myself to myself even in the words and phrases I'm choosing! According to Dressing Your Truth, a few of the Type 4 characteristics include being linear, aligned, deep, calm, focused, precise, structured, strong, bold, proper, balanced, neat, and clean.

My language is also commonly infused with:

"I can't get it straight"
"I've gotta get back on track; I'm way off today"
"Exactly right."
"That's precisely it!"
"That's so clearly what's happening..." or its partner "I'm just so foggy today"
"Okay, just settle down."

These are all phrases I use A LOT. They describe how life looks and feels to me. And I never knew it so deeply (that's another one) as I do now.

Visiting my sister's charming little house, she has small but significant, sentimental things throughout it. Every sill has a variety of objects on it and every shelf is comfortably occupied. It is a very cozy feel, and totally her. (Yep, she's a Type 2: comfortable, sentimental, saving stuff. And her couch IS the most comfortable one on Earth, I swear!)

I love her house, but this would not be my house. I would have space between things. Things, for sure, but space between them. Like a breath between the phrases. I like a cleaned off kitchen island, with some things on it...but mostly clear. Pillows on the side of the couch, not the middle. Items on the back of my deskspace, leaving a blank nothing on the front. I don't always accomplish this, but it is always on my mind to make it so, and when I get the cleanies, watch out. I WILL be throwing things away to make SPACE so I can FOCUS!

Notice anything like that for yourself? Do you see your Type preferences in your environment and in the language you commonly use?



  1. Oh yes I do. Doing this program helped me to remind me of myself. Today, as I was getting my winter clothes out from the upstairs closet (reshifting summer to winter) I noticed that most of these clothes are the shade that i need for my type 3!!! wow, that's a blessing. I feel good to know that i had been listening to myself and dressing in my energy color all these years (other 4 elements not consistent always) I had just never been aware of it consciously-and now, understanding the why's behind the choices is revealing.
    And yesterday, i was thinking just this question Kristelle---how our types are exhibited in our environment. I noticed that my kitchen that i had repainted and decorated last year was redone in exactly the same shades that are on my type 3 palette, along with brassy gold and copper metel pieces as accents. i had repainted because before that i hadn't felt comfortable in the colors. My conclusion to this action was that expression of form and color and other elements in our environment are expressions of our energy types too.

  2. So true!!! I love the space in my space! Clear, clean spaces of quiet between things. But I also love the sound of water, so I have a little fountain in my office. Once I have this information, it seems to be confirmed everywhere I look!


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