Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Consignment stores = Heaven

Here's a new blog entry about my newfound delight in shopping for clothes!

Most women, so I've heard, tend to have a hard time in the stores. It's hard to come up against a fit being wrong, a color being "well, kinda....", and on and on. We judge ourselves so harshly, and usually against another woman's perfect body or coloring or fitness, and sometimes against "what's in style" according to some designers somewhere. (I never really did that much, though. I was always about 2 years behind!)

Now with knowing my Type 4 line, textures, movement, fit, etc., it makes shopping SO much easier. I feel so much more focused, so much more aligned with what would look good on me.

Today I went to one of my favorite consignment shops here to drop off two stuffed bags of things that weren't for me anymore. I spent two hours in this very large store and covered every inch of the clothing section! Even shoes. And tried on about 8 items too. 

It helped that I was dressed according to type today: white blouse with a silver sparkle sweater, and a small black scarf tied like an ascot (kinda), black jeans, black boots, and black leather jacket (a real find at Salvation Army last year for $20!). 

I walked out with:
  1. a perfect colorblock top (top color: a vibrant royal purple, bottom: black) and 
  2. a lovely deep blue cardigan with no buttons and vertical lines in the knit (very 2-like at the bottom, with its flow-y hemline, so that works for my secondary 2) and
  3. a pair of black oval dangle earrings, and
  4. a black necklace that looks like an old-time cameo (but isn't...it just sparkles black...but you get the idea of the shape)
Here's a photo, but the lighting isn't very good....sorry, it looks very "ruddy" here, but I'm much more pale than that in real life!

Total cost: $16. But wait....having dropped off some things before this visit, I actually had the exact amount of credit I needed to walk out without paying a thing. (I highly recommend this experience--it is heavenly!!!!!) 

What a transformation in my shopping experience. I can't wait to see how much credit I'll have the next time I go...and who knows what treasures will await me then!


  1. too perfect!! Yes...similar experience. When shopping now (which i didn't even do before really) i find just the right clothes to replace the ones i gave away cause i did a totally emptying of my wardrobe cause colors couldn't even be changed i had sooo much grey and dark brown. Presently doing searches for very large totebag type 3 style which are hard to come by here if you don't feel like spending a fortune...so e-bay has become a favorite! :)

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your sister last week at my shop, Fashion Fairy Consignment on beautiful Orcas Island and learned about this awesome program. Thank you for sharing that with me. By the way, you looked like a countess in your new riding coat. I look forward to hearing more about how this program has transformed your life.
    Sonya Hiltner

  3. I love consignment stores! Living in the high income area that I do, we have the most amazing consignment stores - all designer items, gently used and kMart prices! I've been thinking it's time to hit the stores again, now that I know what to buy!


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