Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leigh's Transformation is Just Beginning!

Kristelle asked me to write about my DYT journey, which literally began in January.  I had seen a picture she posted and we had a little chat...which led me to the DYT site. I started watching the videos and ordered the book.

Now, I'm a veteran it took me 3 weeks to read the book. By then, after watching the videos, I knew I was a "Big Ole 3".  And, typical of a BO3, I skipped everything that didn't have to do with me. :D

Here's a picture of me from January 15th, just as I was getting into the videos.
I thought I looked good. I thought I was doing something I'd never done before by accentuating my waistline.

The day after I wore this monstrosity, I got to the videos about structure, color, shape and texture. BOY. That was an eye opener.  That weekend, I went through my closet and had to delete literally 3/4 of everything I had!  They were all black, white or round. In some cases, they were black, white AND round.  I went shopping that weekend.

Then I watched the hair and makeup courses.  BOY was I working everything wrong.  First, I'd stopped wearing makeup. Figured I was old and round and should just not even bother.  I normally wear my hair really cropped, but new I needed a little more volume at my weight/size, so I styled it differently based on the video information.

Here's one of the outfits I found without my color cards (which hadn't arrived yet), with makeup and hair:

I feel like a whole new person!  I almost want to take a picture a day so I can see how different I look.  I definitely feel different and a lot of folks at work  have noticed.  So, thank you Carol Tuttle and Kristelle for getting me back on track to being ME again!

Princess Fedup2here


  1. You are an inspiration! I love reading about your journey!

    1. this is so right on---i am happy that you are really rediscovering yourself... :) there is a facebook type 3 group which has people posting daily-helps us see ourselves objectively with color choice and hair, etc...maybe see you there... :)

    2. Cheryl, thanks for checking in! Glad to see you here. :)

  2. Leigh, thank you SO much for putting this up on the blog. I just adore watching the changes as you make them....hope we get to see the new hair cut too??? You look just fabulouser and fabulouser!


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