Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Numbers are growing!...Kristelle

Hi everyone: Just a post so that everyone knows who is subscribed to the posts....that last entry was done by Jennifer Doat in Belgium! (No, I haven't changed into a Type 3, I'm still very much a Type 4!)

So when you want to contribute a post, please let everyone know who you are...maybe in the title? That would make it easy; or at the very least at the very beginning of your post. I did want to open this up to every member of our merry band, so that everyone can talk about what is working for them in their own journey of DYT.

Here's another photo...on the Type 4 FB forum, we're comparing hands, to see the differences and similarities of a Type 4 hand. It's can really see some of the secondary type come out in someone's hands! I think I'm a pretty clear type 4 though, and I don't know enough about a Type 2's hands to tell, but I know I don't have 1 or 3 qualities here for sure. (I must look up that Type 2 definition and see if it fits as my secondary, because that's what I think I am.)

Anyway.....take a look and share your own if you want.

And I just found an awesome red blouse that I'll get a photo of myself, the wonder of color!

I will also post some of me with different lipsticks....I seem to turn berry colors into red, so that's the way I've found my perfect red (by starting with a berry!).

WELCOME to all the recent new friends who have "found themselves" with this program. I can't wait to hear more from you!


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  1. It is interesting that you over there in the Type 4's are talking hands, cause we at the type 3's were discussing wedding rings (similar to Carol's blog on wedding rings where they all wore pink for valentine's Day) and most of the photos had the hands included...and yes, they are quite textured. (i'll try ot get pic posted if i remember how to do that??)

    oh...and as for the mistaking identity, sorry...don't want to assume someone elses nature...that would be the death of us! It's true!


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