Friday, January 18, 2013

Kristelle's passion inspired me....from Jennifer D.--Type 3

Hello---i'm Jennifer.  Both Kristelle and Erica came to me through facebook this past year.

Through common explorations into universal energies, Kristelle had posted her discovery about Carol's Dressing Your Truth program on her site and it came toppling into my world and i am so happy it did.  Of course as a type 3 (now that I know) I would just jump in and get very passionate about it and then make it happen....and I am.  I am also very thankful for having Kristelle to lean against for support while trying to get it all in order.

My passage through the DYT has been exciting.  At first i did the free e-mails and thought it to be quite impossible to pick a 'dominant' trait for myself (and others) as i pride myself in being balanced in my energies (haha...i had thought so  :P).  For me, Carol seemed to also be passionate about her discovery, and i read a bit about more about her studies in general and realized she had something really important to say so I decided to make the investment to learn more about energies and true natures of people and how appearance affects this interpretation.  I purchased the DYT course for 99 US dollars  and way worth its weight in gold.  You get the book, special color chart and how to pick your clothes for your type, and access into to the resources including interviews dedicated to certain topics for your type and other miscellaneous info. 

So,  after reading the book i thought i was a type 1.  But after a few days i couldn't get into the thought that  type was me.  I went over and over and reviewed the ever important face profiling video (only for members) and reviewed the videos...and realized type 1 was not me.  Then I saw a lot of type 4 in me, but as i am not overly still in movement nor introvert in nature that wasn't my dominant.  I use my hands a lot and i am very emphatic when i speak.  I reread the book and watched more and it hit me...I was a type three!  I laughed cause all along I could relate to the three energy 'look'  -- the swift moving one, unlike the type 1  energy which is much higher in movement. Those energy movements was a key to the discovery for me.  I am extrovert in nature (although do like my quiet time and reflection time) and i use hand gestures when speaking and my voice can get raspy cause i emphasize and over-emphasize (my poor kids!!!!) things when i get passionate about them.   I walk determined and get all my many tasks completed if i set out to do them--even if it takes me all night.  Always have a project on hand, never short of things to try, explore and GET DONE.  So...Type 3 it was.  It was important to see myself in all 4 types and then eliminate and then go full on and then it was really easy to see. was off to look in my, amazing.  Nearly everything was heavily textured, that wearing of a carpet sort of clothing, heavy weaves, heavy  hand spun woolen sweaters, belts, edgy jackets, and the colors...ahem...brown, more brown,, like Erica (see her blog) i was almost there for clothes.  My hair is naturally curly so needed to give it a bit more of an edgy look by highlighting it in warm gold tones---which i did---before my hair styling recently, my color of hair was chestnut in color (natural golden blond growing up) with natural gray (which is not so great for type 3 cause it is too cool and our energy dictates warmth). But now i have the highlights and it makes a world of difference both exteriorly and interiorly. 
Since taking on and being quite obsessive about DYT as of late, I just feel full of energy.  As though my clothes are no longer separate from myself.  It's really changed my life.  How something so simple can be so enlightening.  I figure we stumble upon these paths when the time is right---thank you Kristelle for bringing it to me and listening to your truth and expressing it.



  1. Thanks Jennifer! That was so good to hear more about your journey with this thing. Could you add some photos of your hair, your wonderful clothes, even how you've dyed some of your things? It's awesome how you just "take charge" and do stuff like that!

    I also could use your advice: I have a favorite sweater (it's more type 2, so soft and fuzzy) but I really like it. It is a soft powder blue (not a Type 4 bold blue) so I'd like to dye it. Which is better: go for black, go for red, or go for a cobalt or brilliant blue? Does it matter what the original color is if you dye it at home?

    Thanks again for your story.

    Have you been following the Carol blog at all? What other tools do you use to keep learning???

    Can't wait to hear more and see more with photos!!! (and I think you'll have some more 3 Company very soon!)


  2. I love how you said, clothes were no longer separate from yourself, I feel the same way. Now they are part of me, and it feels great to go out in public. People say hi or look over and at acknowledge me. Thanks for sharing your story! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Thank you both for your support. Also had to contact support as my name was not on the Carol blog mailing list-now it should work and be there. And yes Erica i have sensed a different response from people---mostly customer service people at the stores round here. I feel i have not only physical substance but a sort of substantialness that exudes from my very being and i am sure it is being picked up cause the cashiers at the checking(that i see weekly) totally respond differently to me I them and i feel my solidness. I want to post pictures and i'm having trouble getting them up on here. I'll continue to fiddle with that to get them up.
    Kristelle: as for the dye you could go for whatever color if it is darker. What fabric is the sweater? if wool there is a cool method dye you can do in pot on stove---if cotton you can do in machine, if polyester, can't dye,but you could eventually fabric paint...if mixed cotton/acrylic it would work with dye in machine. let me know...


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