Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clothes are not ready to wear, but ready to fashion! (by Jennifer D.)

Hi everyone....Spring has arrived and with it all sorts of new inspirations on how to bring old clothes back to life!  Yes, as someone once said 'ready to wear' really means 'ready to fashion'.  As a type 3 I have come to understand how a simple refashion, say a stitch or two, could make all the difference in the world from making a crew neck t-shirt into  a v-neck line t-shirt---these are simple tricks of the trade of which i had very little experience.  Not only have i employed that tip  but also I have been busy  refashioning with my handy-dandy  acrylic textile paint markers---my new best friends!  As you all know i'm sure, type 3 metallic colors are bronze, copper, brass and gold---so those are the colors i bought .   Well, got to thinking that when i see a good deal on a blouse that has a great swift pattern on it (type 3 movement), but of which is in black, for ex. (the pattern) I could buy it and then redo it.    In picture here  is one of those just sort of blouses (a stretchy long sleeve t-shirt)---it is a tie-dye looking coppery-brown stretchy mid sleeve shirt with swirly, paisley motif in a sort of elevated plastic 3-D motif moving all over shirt-sort of like studs -- the motif was in black.  So, I decided to have a go at coloring the black into golden/copper with my pens....so here's my work....
I must say that all sorts of creative expression has surfaced since doing the energy profiling.  I feel timeless, limitless, and overall well being with the whole thing.  I am happy to share this.
How about the rest of you all---are you doing any refashioning?

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  1. what a great idea to paint a dimensional design, i love it! i just spray painted a thrift shop leather purse cinnamon from a drab dingy cream color and it looks great.


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